Custom Beats, Mixing & Mastering Services

The right sound is everything. If you’re looking to acquire some new and fresh music, it helps to turn to master music mixing and mastering services. Whether you’re looking to create your own sound, or just want something to use while streaming online, the right beat blends into the background but changes the entire experience.


Our professional musicians and music production teams at Mubz Beats don’t just offer a small range of beats. We offer a diverse collection of inspiring sounds, mixed to a sophisticated and sleek rhythm. Furthermore, we offer services to suit your needs, whether its a limited lease or access to WAV trackouts, we understand your audio needs.


Our Collection


We offer a diverse collection of unique sounds and inspiring audio productions. While other creators might be limited to a niche, we explore and create a diverse range of sounds for you to use. We specialise in the likes of:


  • Hip Hop
  • Pop
  • RnB
  • Trap
  • Electro


We’re constantly invigorating and developing new tracks and beats to add to our range. If you need something slow and soothing, or something with a fast pulse, we have you covered. Our catalogue is available here, or you can experience our creations on both Soundcloud and Youtube.


Rates and Services


Our services come in three different packages, scaled to meet your needs and requirements. Our basic lease starts at $20 while our unlimited package costs $150, offering unlimited distribution and project rights.


Depending on the level of package you choose, we can also include:


  • High quality MP3, WAV and audio files
  • Untagged Audio Files
  • Leases to use our beats on iTunes, Mixtapes, Streams and more


Have a look at our packages, find the services you need and choose the beats that reflect the experience you are trying to create. It’s as simple as that!


Mixing and Mastering


Sometimes you have something specific in mind and nothing quite meets the rhythm in your head. Sometimes you know exactly what you want but need someone to realise it for you. In any case, Mubz Beats offers custom mixing and mastering services. We’ll take your beats and produce them into a number of mixed tracks, crafted and mixed to our usual high quality.

Here at Mubz Beats, we love what we do. An appreciation for music in all its forms and varieties is the reason we create the smoothest and most sublime beats. We treat every track as it’s own unique project, whether its a new beat for out catalogue or a fresh remix for you.


If you need custom music mixing services or need to lease a music beat, Mubz Beats is always a click away. We offer beats with lyrics, purely instrumental songs and combinations in-between. Browse through our catalogue and find the perfect sound!