Producer Spotlight is back to support the uprise of a great producer community and I’ll now be promoting your beats to spotlight on a highly engaged YouTube channel of 280,000+ subscribers!


All beat sales will be split between myself and the producer on a 50/50 basis – this includes all leasing/exclusive sales and excludes any streaming royalties from YouTube etc…

Please keep in mind, if you would not like me to sell an exclusive license on your behalf then this promotion feature is not for you.


  • You must have a BeatStars account to receive payments.
  • Untagged MP3 + WAV
  • Tagged (Only 1 Intro Tag) MP3 + WAV
  • WAV Stems


No matter how small or big of a producer you are – I am strictly looking out for quality over quantity. I’ll be paying close attention to the rhythm of your beat and most importantly the overall Mix & Master of the beat.

On some occasions, a beat could sound great, but the mix isn’t the best and in that case, you won’t make the cut.

There will be no favoritism played whatsoever, whether I personally know someone or not – I genuinely have to like the overall production of the beat as it represents myself and my brand.

If your beat makes the cut, you shall receive an email confirming the promotion of your beat. No timeframe will be given, as beat promotions will only take place once a week (possibly more in the near future). Due to understanding the high demand of this service, if your beat is unsuccessful, you will not hear from me – feel free to submit another beat if it doesn’t make it!


Have you read all the above and think you’re ready? Then it’s time to submit your beat using the submission form below!