How to Choose the Right Beats for Your Songs: A Guide for Artists


In a world full of Type Beats & Instrumentals, produced by millions across the world, with different licensing options – it can be a bit tricky to find the perfect vibe for your next song. In this article, I will outline the guide for artists, and eliminate the difficulties in finding the right beat for you!

Section 1: Understanding the Different Types of Beats

When choosing beats for your songs, you have two options: custom beats or leased beats.

Custom beats are tailored to your liking and allow you to bring your ideas to life with a talented producer. They are unique and no one else will have the same beat.

Leased beats, on the other hand, can still match your vibe and energy, even if they are produced by someone else. Plus, they are more affordable in the long run as you can purchase multiple beats with bulk deals and licenses like the ‘Unlimited’ licenses will reduce any limitations.

Some artists with financial resources still choose leased beats and upgrade to exclusive beats later if their song becomes a hit. Ultimately, it’s all about your preference and what works for you at the moment.

Section 2: Identifying the Right Style for Your Song

When choosing beats, it’s important to consider different vibes and genres. Having a handful of trusted producers (or even just one) can jumpstart your creative lyrical thinking. Remember that each beat has a unique touch that was influenced by the producer’s life experiences and this works for your own music too.

Think about your mood, recent experiences, or even past memories when choosing beats. Music has the power to connect people around the world through stories and emotions – everyone loves a message and vibe they can relate to.

Have you figured out your tempo? Do you like a nice slow beat around 90bpm (bpm = beats per minute) like R&B or Mellow Hip Hop Type Beats or faster-paced 140bpm like Drill or Trap Type Beats? Get familiar with what you like.

Many producers including my Beat Store, have filters to help you find beats that fit your mood.

Section 3: Evaluating Beat Quality and Production Value

Not all producers create beats of the same quality. It’s important to consider factors like sound clarity, bass quality, and overall production value.

Sometimes a track can sound good on one device and bad on another so keep in mind, a good mix can make or break your song – aim for a perfect balance between a great sound and great quality mixed beat.

As a producer, I’m proud to say I’ve dedicated over 10,000+ hours to perfecting my Mixing & Mastering abilities to provide artists with high-quality beats for value based on feedback from over 100+ million listeners over the years.


In conclusion, finding the right beat for your song can be made easier with the guide for artists outlined in this article. Consider your options, vibes, genres, tempo, and quality to make the best choice for your music. Music has the power to connect people and tell stories around the world – allow your listeners to connect with you with your unique sound.

Mubz Got Beats

Mubz Got Beats

Music Producer

Mubz Got Beats

Music Producer based in United Kingdom, London. Creating beats around a variety of different genres such as Trap, Drill, R&B, Dancehall, Afroswing etc… 

I’ve collaborated with some of the leading artists in the industry and accumulated 80,000,000+ streams on my YouTube Channel whilst gaining over 280,000 subscribers in the process.

I’m grateful and continue to progress forward with your support.

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