How To Promote Your Music in 7 Ways and Get Famous

Here are 7 great tips to boost your growth in the music industry

I’ve been in the music industry for years now (over a decade), have surrounded myself with many top-tier artists and I’ve realised some key things that have helped the artists, growth and success – let me drop a few…

1. Build A Brand

It’s important to build a brand; create a logo, and story which will give you guidance along your musical journey. This will also help your audience understand your message to build a better relationship with yourself.

What message do you want to convey? This will influence your marketing strategies, how you interact with people online & in person, your vision and future goals…

Ask yourself – what’s unique about me, my story, my music?

2. Live Performances

Have you tried reaching out to your local radio stations, pubs, clubs, and hosts of upcoming events?

Live performances can sometimes be the best way to connect with new fans and build a wider audience. Playing something live always has a more significant impact than streaming – we don’t tend to forget the things we’ve lived in the moment!

3. Create Video Content

Now, this doesn’t mean to vlog every day of your life (unless you want to) – but as we can see in the world of TikTok, and all major platforms moving in a similar direction of short and snappy videos like Instagram with Reels, and YouTube with Shorts. People clearly connect better with videos.

You could show off any upcoming tracks that you’re going to release. It could be a video of you vibing in the studio, or showing the process behind one of your songs or albums that you or your friends took on the phone… Sometimes the fans like to see a video that looks like something they might capture themselves, it feels more organic and they resonate with it better. Have a mixture of both Quality & Planned and Organic content.

4. Having A Social Presence

Now that moves me onto social media – we are blessed to be able to convey any message we want with a click of a button to the world and now you can use that to your advantage for your music and anything else!

By staying active and having a social media presence you are allowing a newer audience to explore your music, you’re maintaining a loyal fan base, you’re connecting with people, and you’re only greatening your chances of getting sponsorship deals.

If you don’t want to share every little detail – that is perfectly fine! But it’s okay to show some of your personal life, and that could be minor things such as what you like to eat for breakfast. Your fan might respond by saying they eat the same thing and there you go, you just connected with a fan on a more personal level, and they won’t forget it.

5. Collaborate

Connect with other creatives + musicians and collaborate! I’ve collaborated with many artists and producers, which has always increased my growth and introduced new fans. 

You can learn new skills or see how other people do things differently from you which could be beneficial or even give you ideas to do things better. I’ve gained some long-term friendships along the way too, so you’d never know where it can take you…

The best part of it all – you blend two or more different styles together, and create a unique piece of music for the listeners. 

Check out sites like BeatStars & Airbit. A great marketplace and community for musicians and listeners.

6. Create Merchandise

Sometimes fans like to show off their loyalty by buying merchandise. Especially if you have any upcoming shows, this can influence your fans to buy some.

You might think it’s costly and you need to have space for it, but luckily for you, you can create merchandise for free!

There are great Print-On-Demand services such as Printful & RedBubble

7. Gather Your Recourses

Music can be expensive sometimes, especially when choosing the right beats – I’ve taken this into consideration and released the ‘Options Bundle’ Beat Pack. Packed with 35 Beats of various genres from, Trap, Drill, R&B & Dancehall.

All beats have been crafted to perfection with Professional Mixing & Mastering and come with Unlimited licenses to get the most out of your music

If you’re interested, Click Here to learn more about the ‘Options Bundle’.

The End

These are just a few ways to grow your music but the learning process never ends. Stay ambitious and hungry for growth. Assess the industry, understand your audience and promote your unique selling point

Mubz Got Beats

Mubz Got Beats

Music Producer

Mubz Got Beats

Music Producer based in United Kingdom, London. Creating beats around a variety of different genres such as Trap, Drill, R&B, Dancehall, Afroswing etc… 

I’ve collaborated with some of the leading artists in the industry and accumulated 80,000,000+ streams on my YouTube Channel whilst gaining over 280,000 subscribers in the process.

I’m grateful and continue to progress forward with your support.

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